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I’ve been a client of Lenny Graham for 9 years and I am so happy I am! While training with Lenny I’ve gained muscle and lost over 30 pounds of body fat all while losing over 14 inches in my waiste, hips and abdomen. I’ve learned how to eat more nutritionally sound as Lenny is a walking encyclopedia on health, nutrition and fitness. After all Lenny has been an Instructor and graduate at the National Personal Training Institute of Philadelphia which is rated the number 1 personal training school in the country, he has 5 university degrees in strength and conditioning, fitness and nutrition including a masters in nutrition, 14 personal training certifications, 30 years experience and an AAU 6-year nationally ranked powerlifting champion!

Although I have Multiple Sclerosis, which is the main reason I am working out, as one of many side effects of MS is continued muscle loss but I wanted to be “fit” too. Lenny works with me on long term and short term goals, and is focused on me and only me while joking and giving me tips all while doing my workout. He understands that although the MS is quiet for right now, thank goodness, it could change at anytime. His training prepares me for these unfortunate setbacks. I’m constantly told by my many doctors to “continue doing what you’re doing as it is working beautifully,” so clearly I’ll stick with Lenny Graham.

Training with Lenny is an “investment in myself” for my personal well being. My energy levels are high, I sleep well and I find my self always making wise choices in my diet. I’ve never eaten more lean protein, vegetables, fruits and seafood. Best of all, I feel great about myself!
Kelly Connor
Collegeville, PA

LTL: Listen To Lenny!!!!
I’ve been weight lifting/training on and off since age 16. I’m now 65 years old. My weight would fluctuate dramatically over the years…up and down mostly “UP”. My daughter, a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), recommended I train with Lenny. Best decision I ever made!!! I’ve lost over 50 lbs and I’m as fit as I was in my 20’s!!
Not only does Lenny have more fitness/training degrees and certifications than most if not all professional trainers, he is also a renowned instructor and trainer of trainers!! Most important, Lenny practices what he preaches…his physique, strength and endurance are off the charts (just look at his pics!)!! He lives this stuff 24/7!! Expert in conditioning, strength and endurance, power lifting and body building for all ages, genders and body types with a friendly, warm, compassionate style. Lenny is truly the genuine article!!!! I will end as I began. LTL!!!!! Listen To Lenny!!!
Bob Cominsky
Upper Gwynedd, PA

My time resistance training with Lenny has been life changing.
I have been training with Lenny since November 2017. When I began, I weighed 218 pounds at 5’3”. My diet was poor, my activity level was low and I had almost no stamina. I had little knowledge of weight lifting and was not paying any attention to my diet.
Today, I weigh 143 pounds, a loss of 75 pounds. But it’s not necessarily about how much I’ve lossed, yet how much I’ve gained.
During my time with Lenny, I’ve learned to take my nutrition seriously. He has taught me how different types of food and drink affect my body. Lenny has also taught me how to train properly and effectively, and gives me pointers on how to perfect my form. He shows me how to use the gym equipment, as well as what I can utilize in my own home. My workouts get switched up and more challenging so I’m never bored. My body contour has improved drastically and I’m physically performing at a level I never thought was possible just a couple years ago.
Going to the gym isn’t always what I want to do, but having Lenny’s energetic personality pump me up is great motivation to keep me striving to meet my goals!
Alexis P.

Len Graham. Len and I first met in the late 2000’s decade somewhere around 2007. We met at a local gym, and starting chatting. That led to a scheduled appointment/session the following week and I have been with Len ever since.

I could tell you about Len’s great work ethic, or I could discuss how he consulted me in the Nutrition area to help support the work out segment, or I could discuss how after 13 years he still presents me with new and unique exercises at each one of our workout sessions. That is something incredible when considering we have been averaging twice a week for over 13 years. Additionally anytime there was an injury, Len’s expertise in Rehabilitation was second to none. Regardless of the Injury; he has the plan and full compliment of exercises to get me back to feeling great.

The best part of working out with Len Graham is how you feel about yourself physically and mentally afterwards! It is rewarding to see the hard work pays off. He pushes you hard. and manages to keep you focused while doing so. The increased strength and stamina are so important to me, and once you attain that level; you want to work hard to stay there.

Len Graham is the most dedicated, experienced, professional trainer I ever had the pleasure to meet with and the fortune to work out with on a continual basis.
David Magagna

Who can’t teach an old dog a new trick? Well, they have not met Lenny Graham, CSCS*D, CISSN, PES, NPTI Instructor and personal trainer.
It has been 4 years now since I started working out with Lenny. I was overweight, out of shape, no muscle and had high blood pressure.
Lenny discussed that he personalizes each work out to increase overall muscle tone and stability. It is important to have a personal trainer to complete the exercises with the correct form for maximum results. When I became more focused with the encouragement of Lenny and changed my eating habits, I lost 50 lbs. and was able to stop taking my high blood pressure medication. I am in the best condition of my life to date! I am now 67 years young.
Lenny took a personal interest with me and all his clients through his extensive knowledge and experience. Receiving encouragement with his sense of humor helped me to stay committed to meet my goals.

I feel sad to be losing Lenny since moving out of the area. No one will be able to come close to be even half as great as Lenny!
I highly recommend Lenny Graham.
Carol Latsch

After years of doing the same work-out, I felt stale and unmotivated. Lenny gave me a different approach that made my work-outs more efficient and effective. He is a professional that knows his craft and always communicates in a very positive and motivating way. He is clearly a true professional in his craft, and I would recommend him extremely highly.
Robert T. Levine, MD

I’ve come to realize that it truly takes an education in anatomy, nutrition, and personal fitness training coupled with motivation, dedication, and drive, and a passion in helping others succeed, to be a successful personal fitness trainer. And this is exactly what Lenny Graham is all about. Lenny empowers me to achieve and succeed in my personal training program every week, and the results I achieved in my first five weeks of training with him alone (a 7.5 inch loss!) were enough to prove he is my training partner for life. I highly recommend Lenny as an experienced fitness trainer, coach, and motivator.
Leigh Fazzina

Lenny has been my personal trainer since June 2011. He is truly one of a kind and when I first met him at the gym 2 years ago, I knew there was something unique about him. He stood out from all other trainers I had known and was very approachable, for starters! At that time, I was bored with my old routine and was looking for a change. Even though I had been going to the gym 3-4 times a week, working up a sweat, I was not seeing results that were pleasing to me. Some health issues became a concern, which my doctor always related back to exercise as a way of improving cholesterol levels, decreasing osteoporosis risk and weight loss, going through menopause. My heart rate had to be higher during exercise and the intensity had to be stepped up. I knew I had to be proactive in my approach with my routine and incorporate resistance training with weight bearing exercises. If anyone was going to help me reach my goal, it was going to be Lenny.

In short, I can truly say the past 8 months training with Lenny have been nothing short from postive and challenging! Every week, the routine is different and every week, I am asked, “How are you feeling today…what do you want to work on…” From day one, I have kept a log of all the exercise routines/circuits we have done, to keep myself in check. I have seen a weight change of ~ 8 pounds, have lost many inches and am more toned in areas I was not before. Lenny repeatedly tells me not to focus on the scale, but to focus on inches lost and how I feel. He has a total body-mind approach and is an incredilbe walking textbook! As a registered dietitian, I have the utmost respect for Lenny’s comprehensive education and training. His knowledge base is so broad and knows human anatomy, in particular the muscles and bones, inside and out. His nutrition expertise is enlightening and I love to trade information with him, and even recipes!

Several years ago, I had surgery for a rotator cuff tear and bicep repair. He believed is ‘working AROUND the pain and not THROUGH the pain,’ which I respect. Equipment I was avoiding using, for fear of pain, he showed me how to use that equipment, working different muscles.

I have 2 daughters in high school that play club field hockey, lacrosse as well as those sports in school. They also understand the importance of strength training and agility exercises to get ahead. Both my girls have been training with Lenny and have seen amazing improvement in their abilities.

Remember, when you train with Lenny, he is totally focused on you, your form and your results. His great sense of humor, 1:1 focus, coupled with his expertise, you could not ask for more. I highly recommend Lenny. I feel energized, motivated and physically stronger, since training with Lenny and you will, too!
Liz Rothman, MS, RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian – Sodexo Corporation

My name is David C. Magagna and I am President of Macorp Print Group located in Souderton Pennsylvania. I am 54 years old, married with 4 adult children and I like to Golf, Ski, Play Tennis, and stay active by working out, running, walking and other sporting activities.
I first met Lenny Graham when I decided to get back into weight training in the Winter of 2009. He was generous enough to give me some unsolicited advice as how to operate the training equipment. We struck up a conversation that day at the Gym, and starting working out together the following week, and we have continued our workouts for over 3 years now.

What I really appreciate about Lenny is his total approach to fitness. He includes nutritional instruction as well as his experiences with the training equipment and combined with his easy teaching style, this makes for a great fitness program which has changed my life. The other great thing about Lenny is his ability to create routines that are different; that is too say after 3 years plus of working out with Lenny, I am amazed that he can create a new program for me based upon how I feel on any particular day. He has more routines, techniques, and ideas that he draws from to create unique and fun training sessions each and every time we work out.

I can honestly say that after all of this time, I am more fit than ever, stronger than ever, more flexible than I was before meeting Lenny, and I also have lost weight and just feel better in general. The other significant factor is the Stress management coaching Lenny has provided to me employing exercise and breathing techniques which also has provided a huge benefit to my health.
The only time I do not feel good is when I miss my work out sessions with Lenny due to my own scheduling conflicts with my busy life.

I would highly recommend Lenny to anyone who is serious about getting back into shape, or hoping to maintain their current fitness level. Lenny will bring to the table the skills and knowledge along with a diverse amount of techniques to satisfy even the Professional!
Thank you Lenny for changing my life for the better.
David C. Magagna
March 19, 2012

I have been training with Lenny for only a short time now, but I already have seen a major change in the way I feel and perform as an athlete. A recent injury forced me to resign from my university’s Division I track team. But I wanted to find a way to keep my workouts as intense as when I was running cross country and the 400 and 800m in track. I had continued to run everyday, but I felt as though I wasn’t getting much out of my workouts anymore. So, I decided to find a personal trainer while I was home on winter break and that’s how I came across Lenny. Lenny may have been the best thing to ever happen to my workout regimen. He not only has given me ample workouts that are challenging and enjoyable, he is also there for me any time of the day if I have any questions. Lenny is so knowledgeable and makes sure that you understand how the exercises will benefit you. I now know the names of muscles I didn’t know I had before. Lenny is also extremely attentive to what you want to get out of the workouts. I would tell him I wanted exercises for my calves or abs and the next session he would have me regretting I mentioned it. He truly is there for his clients and I know I will be training with him for some time to come. I get something out of every workout since I started training with Lenny. I only wish he were here at school with me so I could share his advice and expertise with all my friends and teammates.
Molly S.
AAU Junior Olympics
Division 1 Cross Country and Track Athlete

It is a pleasure and privilege working out regularly with Lenny Graham. With his knowledge of physical training, anatomy and nutrition, I am certainly stronger, healthier and better educated for all of the components of a comprehensive fitness regime. I could be the “poster boy” for sub-standard trainers. Since I began a formal program six years ago, I have experienced a parade of trainers – 23 different trainers, actually. Almost all were ill-trained themselves, and the majority were comparative novices to the expertise I finally discovered with Lenny. I guess you don’t really know or appreciate a true professional until you meet one. I have been training with Lenny since 2006 and it illuminates how much time and effort I wasted previously.
Lenny employs a very fluid and customized program for my conditioning and needs. We do a blend of traditional and unconventional exercises. And he does not ever allow me to lose sight of diet and nutrition. I understand what we do and why we do it. And we get results. This is what differentiates a professional trainer versus an amateur practitioner.
Lenny is clearly the best (after all, he teaches and trains trainers). I could not ask for a more knowledgeable and effective trainer and coach. He is an excellent motivator and a real pro. It may hurt like hell but I look forward to every session with Lenny.
Jeff Kohler

6 years ago, I weighed in at 160 lbs and wore a tight size 16. I vowed to make a change and enrolled myself in a gym and started mindlessly working out. Even though I was spending hours on end on the treadmill and eating like a rabbit, somehow I just couldn’t drop the weight like I wanted to. Like many, I found being on an elliptical for an hour was quite torturous and boring and all I could do to make the time pass faster, was to people-watch at the gym. I tried getting a personal trainer too, but I was disappointed at the lack of experience and sense of motivation they gave me.
But… then one day, I noticed this diesel, wide-smiled gentleman training someone and I couldn’t help but continue to watch him throughout his entire session. Something about this guy was intriguing. Not only did this big bag of muscles look the part, but his fitness lingo was beyond most trainers that I have come across.
One day, I got the courage to say hello and introduce myself to “Lenny”.
Even though Lenny was always booked with clients, he always made time for me if I had any questions and was never hesitant about throwing free tips my way.

About 6 months ago, I managed to get my body down to a size 4 through healthy eating and moderate exercise. My body was hitting a major plateau and my genetically-disposed hips were holding on for dear life. I knew the next step to achieving a bikini body was to contact Lenny.
I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Lenny, and within minutes he responded saying that he was so excited that he’s finally going to torture me… I mean “train” me ha ha…

It has been 6 AMAZING months with Lenny, and I have to say that I have enjoyed every minute of every workout. In just the last few months, I have transformed my body like I never thought I could. Every time I look at the mirror and examine my physique, I’m just at awe at how incredible my muscles look. Not to mention, my wide hips are finally looking sexy and proportionate to my frame.
The last few months. life has been a bit overwhelming for me from family issues to financial instability, but somehow, all of that was put aside when I stepped foot in the gym to see Lenny. He truly was and is my therapy.
The only negative aspect or regret I have about being Lenny’s client, is that I wish that I would have started even sooner. I can only imagine how incredible my body would look by now and how my confidence would be soaring.
I love you Lenny Graham and can’t wait to see you again! And again… and again…!!!
Ghada Abuhakmeh
Fitness Model

Having undergone surgery for a torn ACL (the result of a ski accident) I was having trouble getting my knee strength back to where I wanted it. I was experiencing a lot of stiffness and discomfort, and wasn’t sure if I was working out improperly or overdoing it. As an active ski patroller and skiing enthusiast, I was eager to return to the slopes. Having missed almost two seasons, it was important to me to be in the best shape possible in advance of the season.

I was afraid that at 45 years of age, and with a list of other physical problems, it would be impossible for me to get back to peak performance. Not only did I have chronic pain in my post-operative knee, but I also had previously arthroscopy on both knees, two herniated discs, and problems with ankle stability due to repetitive sprains. In addition, I have a dysfunctional SI joint in my hip which frequently was so painful it kept me from sleeping through the night, and as a result I was constantly fighting exhaustion. I was a real mess and realized that I needed help.

Lenny quickly diagnosed my chronic knee discomfort as being caused by a tight IT (iliotibial) band, which runs down the outside of the quad muscle. (I had never even heard of an IT band before.) He taught me stretches that enabled me to quickly remedy this issue, and the knee pain disappeared. Then Lenny took a look at the types of exercises I had been doing, and my less than perfect form. He saw that these were responsible for aggravating my dysfunctional SI joint. Lenny specifically designed a program for me so as to not aggravate my SI joint or any of my other issues, or hinder my progress in any way. The result is that my legs are in the best shape they’ve been in years. In addition, the exercises that Lenny taught me have helped with ankle strength and stability. This in turn significantly improved my balance, which is a huge benefit in general, and especially with skiing.

Not only did Lenny get me back on the slopes in great shape, he also helped improve my overall quality of life by eliminating all the other issues that had me in near constant pain and discomfort. The program he put together is effective and easy to follow. In addition, Lenny helped me with nutrition advice to help build muscle and trim fat. To say I am impressed with his wealth of knowledge would be an understatement.

I keep up with the program Lenny designed and stretch regularly. I am feeling stronger than I have in years, and my range of motion and flexibility is also as good as it’s ever been. And my first year back skiing was one of my best. I have well exceeded the expectations and specific goals I set for myself, and I owe it all to Lenny Graham. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
Matt Zucker

The experience and results I’ve attained while working with Lenny have been nothing short of incredible. I’ve spent a majority of my life overweight, peaking at a little over 320lbs. I’ve observed and consulted with trainers at various gyms and in varying geographic areas over the past few years, and my experience with them has left me disappointed to say the least. A vast majority of the trainers I’ve experienced were not properly trained, and their knowledge in aspects such as anatomy and nutrition was almost non-existent. Lenny’s immense knowledge in physiology and nutrition, combined with 30+ years of personal experience in gyms and competing at the national level makes him best-of-breed within his field. He has intense passion and uncompromising integrity, and his professionalism and sense of tradecraft is admirable and without comparison. The program and methods he employs combine traditional and non-traditional movements, and are designed to challenge and develop your body promoting a lifetime of health and wellness. He is engaged 110% throughout each session, and has a unique ability to relate to each person motivating them to push forward when everything else is telling them to turn back.

I know many people may still be skeptical after reading all these reviews. After all, why would someone trying to promote them self post a bad review? If all the praise still doesn’t spark some curiosity, try these facts out for size:

About Lenny:
• Lenny is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), the highest credential available for professionals within his field. This designates professionals capable of applying scientific knowledge to train athletes of varying calibers with the goal of improving athletic performance. This credential is equivalent to a PhD in the field.
• Lenny is a Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) by the International Society of Sports Nutrition, a renowned society which promotes the science and application of evidence-based sports nutrition and supplementation.
• Lenny is currently pursuing his M.S. in Nutrition.
• Lenny is an instructor at the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI), a top tier educational institute for those wishing to become fitness professionals. In short, Lenny trains the trainers.
• Lenny has been a nationally ranked power lifter numerous times

My results after two years of working with Lenny:
BEFORE: I weighed in at 322 lbs.
AFTER: I now weigh 250 lbs

BEFORE: My waist was a size 44, and my shirts required a 19 neck to fit properly throughout.
AFTER: My waist is now a normal size 38, and I can fit into fitted shirts with a 17 1/2-18 neck. No more shopping online at “Big and Tall” stores for clothes.

BEFORE: My suites required a 54 custom jacket
AFTER: I now fit into a 48R off the rack

BEFORE: My blood pressure was 146/90, and my total level cholesterol was 220
AFTER: My blood pressure is 110/70 and my total cholesterol is 160

In addition to the above results, my cardiovascular fitness has greatly improved. I no longer get winded when going up stairs or walking long distances. My one mile running time has improved from 14 minutes consisting of numerous breaks to 8 minutes without a single break. I have developed a healthy amount of lean muscle mass, and my coordination, stability, and athletic ability have greatly improved. My overall level of confidence and presence of mind has increased drastically, and I have energy that continues through the end of the day.

If you are serious about achieving results, Lenny provides service and results that are unsurpassed.
Josh Tornetta

Lenny Graham has been my personal trainer for two years. Multiple health issues made me realize I needed to be in the care of a professional who has the expertise to assess my needs. I was fortunate to be introduced to Lenny whose credentials are outstanding.

Lenny is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), the highest credential available for professionals within his field. He’s a graduate and instructor at the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI), a top tier educational institute, for training future trainers. In addition to his 30+ years of experience as a trainer and athlete Lenny is certified in Anatomy and Nutrition and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Nutrition.

It is obvious he is passionate about his work, is very thorough, and encourages you to ask any questions you may have. He has a wealth of knowledge in every aspect of personal training, fitness and Nutrition. If you’re not having your best day during a session, he develops a different approach that allows you to overcome your obstacle, enabling you to continue to make progress.

Because of Lenny’s expertise and encouragement, I am much stronger today and now able to handle my daily activities with confidence. My family has been thrilled to see the progress I’ve made.
Millie Waldspurger

Lenny Graham has been training clients at my facility for the past two years. Without question, he is the most knowledgable and professional Personal Trainer I have ever met. His knowledge of human anatomy as well as exercise science is highly extensive and he routinely educates his clients as he trains them. In addition, he makes training FUN while maintaining a decor of true professionalism. I personally have had clients who, in the past, have never opted for personal training and, after one workout with Lenny, have become permanent clients. It is a true pleasure to work with him at my facility.
Vicki Kneeland, Owner
The Gym and Tan-Line Studio

“Dilip and I love working out individually and together with Lenny! We both travel for work and have very busy lives, and working out together gives us an opportunity to spend quality time with each other. Lenny is supportive and encouraging during our sessions, and personalizes the workouts to meet each of our individual needs and goals. We have definitely seen results from our training and feel very fortunate to have such a knowledgeable trainer.”
Jill and Dilip Petigara

I used to be a runner and that’s mostly what I did to stay fit. So I had a lot of resistance but my body was lacking strength. I tried two trainers but I saw no results. Lenny took my physical training to a new level. He helped me achieve my goals by focusing on a proper diet and a tailored set of exercises, and also by expanding what I considered my limits and being an incentive to not cancelling any session (well, almost!)
Federico Melo, M.D.

“I’ve been trained by other trainers, but the experience and results were nothing like my training sessions with Lenny. Other trainers walked me around a gym, put me on any machine that was available, and stood there giving me very little instruction. With several training sessions, I saw minimum results. But with Lenny, it was the complete opposite. Lenny was totally engaged throughout my workout. Lenny focuses very much on form and he actually explains every movement. I finally learned WHY I was doing each exercise. Not only did I physically improve from his workouts, but I also gained so much knowledge from every session with him. I finally gained self-confidence that made me feel that I could workout in front of others without being intimidated! After I reached my goals with Lenny, I was so motivated that I applied to the National Personal Training Institute to get nationally certified as a personal trainer. As a teacher of the Philadelphia School District I was extremely impressed after seeing Lenny in action in the classroom too. Lenny adapted this vigorous 500-hour course to real-life situations. With many years of experience in the field and his extensive knowledge on various topics he made it easier for the wide assortment of students to learn many complex concepts and terms.

I am so lucky to not only be able to have Lenny as a trainer and teacher, but also as great mentor to me.

If you want the best, there’s no other place to look!
Lenny Graham provides the ultimate personal training experience that will become your life-long practice!”
Christa Contino, NPTI Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritional Consultant

I have been working out with Lenny since May 2007 and it has been a great experience. Lenny’s knowledge of physiology, training ,and personal experience as a power-lifter make him unique. Not only does he go through the motions with you but pays close attention to everything that you are doing while training. Along with a great sense of humor, he corrects and educates you on the proper way to train your body so that you can have a lifetime of good physical health and great weight training habits. Lenny is also great at pushing you when you want to be pushed and changing your workout so that you have variety. I would strongly recommend Lenny to anyone. Since I changed my eating habits in Sept 2007 and worked with Lenny I have gained muscle and lost 10 pounds of body fat.
Jayden Sampson

I spent the last 7 years of my life weighting at least 220 pounds. At 5’2 my BMI was 40.3 (considered morbidly obese). I had let myself go, and being a mother of 3 was no excuse. My youngest child was 7 years old and I weighed more than I did when I delivered him. It was embarrassing to be so overweight, as I was a research coordinator in the Department of Cardiology at the University of Pennsylvania. All of my coworkers were in great shape. Over the years I tried every diet, low fat, low carbohydrate, and low calories. Nothing worked. My attitude and outlook changed when I met Lenny Graham. The most important lesson I learned is that I needed a healthy lifestyle, not a diet. Working with Lenny I learned that healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand. His nutritional and exercise expertise were the perfect combination for the healthy lifestyle approach he taught me. I met with him twice a week for a weight and cardiovascular workout and he reviewed my food records. One year later I weigh 75 pounds less! Two weeks ago I ran my first marathon and I feel great. More important than how I look on the outside, is how I feel on the inside. I feel strong and confident. I know that following a healthy diet and exercising I am giving myself the opportunity to live a long and healthy life. Lenny took the challenge and we met the goal together!
Monica Williams, Clinical Trial Manager

My husband and I have trained with Lenny for almost a year. We’ve found him to be highly professional and adept at structuring a work out, which is both challenging and beneficial. The big plus for us with Lenny, however, is his positive manner and sense of humor, which helps to make the time pass quickly. We consistently enjoy the work out sessions and feel our level of fitness has never been higher. We strongly recommend the training services of Lenny. Give him a try…… you won’t be disappointed.
Bill and Mary Jo Maguire

I have been training with Lenny Graham for a little over a year, and have been very pleased with the improvement in my general level of health and fitness. As a senior citizen, I found that my strength, endurance, and coordination had declined considerably over the years. I began training under Lenny in the hopes of being able to better deal with this situation, and am happy to report that his regimen of strength and functional exercises has enabled me to more fully enjoy physical activities. I highly recommend Lenny to any senior citizen who wants to extend his or her years of active life.
L. Fujii
Retired Pharmaceutical Consultant

I have worked with Lenny Graham for more than a decade and feel privileged to have the opportunity to spend time with him each week. He is so knowledgeable about anatomy, physiology and health/nutrition that it continues to inspire me to be more fit and the healthiest version that I can be for myself. He has taught me proper form to ensure that when I work out on my own, I won’t get hurt and I can continue to reach my goals. Several years ago I was traveling extensively outside of the country. Lenny sent me weekly updates on what I could do to maintain my fitness level while traveling. I have also had my teenagers work with him over the years as they were in high school and college sports. This support allowed them to excel and be well balanced during some of those difficult years. They still visit with him and have become new clients.

If you are thinking about getting a trainer but are apprehensive about not being knowledgeable enough, not looking the way you want to – look no further. Lenny helps you set goals and work to achieve them. My goal now, is to stay a healthy and fit as I mature. I see too many folks who are out of shape and who’s health has declined. I want to ensure that I continue to workout as long as I can, so that I can overcome the hard times a little easier. I consider Lenny my secret weapon to a healthy lifestyle.

If I have not yet convinced you, then there is one additional thing you should know. Lenny is a genuinely good person. Besides his busy client schedule, he gives his time and energy to many including the Wounded Warrior Project, helping student athletes and individuals who can use a helping hand. He knows the value of good health and the benefits of helping others.
Barbara Ost
Divisional Vice President Quality Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

Comprehensive Fitness and Nutrition

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